Agreement between Office 88 Ltd. and its Freelance Telestaff

This agreement is between Office 88 Ltd. (thereafter "Office88") and its freelance telestaff members (thereafter "staff members").

1. The payments by Office88 to its staff members are project-based or time-based. When a project is assigned to a staff member, Office88 shall specify the payment and the deadline, and get agreed with the staff member.
2. Office88 shall pay a staff member the full amount of money as agreed within a reasonable period (normally within one month) if the finished project beats the deadline and meets reasonable standards. Otherwise certain discounts may be imposed on the payment.
A staff member shall provide Office88 truthful information in his or her c.v., including, but not limited to qualifications and credentials.
A staff member shall keep the information related to the project confidential.
In case that the project cannot be finished before the deadline, a staff member should inform Office88 as soon as possible. Otherwise compensation for damage may be needed.
This agreement may be changed by Office88 from time to time.