Typing & Scanning

Want to digitalize your paper or image files? We type your handwriting documents and scan your printing documents accurately and timely. We handle large data projects for the needs of many types of organizations, including business firms, educational institutions and government departments.

  • We offer the following services:
    • Word Processing
    • Data Entry / Keyboarding
    • OCR Conversion and Clean-up (Scanning)
    • Image Scanning and Indexing
    • Spell Checking and Proofreading
    • File / data / format conversion
    • HTML Conversion / Coding
    • Mailing List Maintenance
    • Printing Services
    • Complete Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese Conversion
  • Format : We can deliver the output in different formats to suit our customer requirements. Some of the typical formats are:
    • Pure Text File (.txt)
    • Word Processor Formats (Ms-Word, WordPerfect, etc.)
    • Spreadsheet File (Ms-Excel)
    • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
    • RTF (Rich Text Format)
  • Efficiency : We provide efficient work for urgent word processing data entry requirements - just a few hours in some cases. Delivery can be arranged by e-mail, FTP or direct modem transfer.
  • Confidentiality : All documents are handled in strictly confidential basis in order to prevent the outflow of information. No third party can access the data for any other purposes. After the tasks are completed, we will return all the documents and computer file copies to you up on request and destroy all copies and/or derivatives made accordingly.
  • Offshore Service
    • Reliable and professional resource for your short-term and long-term outsourcing projects.
    • Save up to 50% of your current operational cost without sacrificing accuracy, control, turnaround time, security and customized service.
    • We have the capability to recruit a large number of Data Entry Operators, Translators, Programmers and Software Engineers at short notice for sudden and urgent needs for large volumes of work.


Drafting & Editing

Drafting : We will work closely with you to develop your initial idea into creative, well-presented, clear and concise copy. We charge a flat rate of HK$168/US$22 per hour. Use the above services to perfect your company's:

Memos and internal communication Newsletters
Letters Contributions to journals
Reports Speeches
Proposals Presentations
Advertising Copy and Slogans Contracts

Editing : We will check your document for errors in punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, and in addition, work on the style and flow of the text and compatibility with local customs. We charge a flat rate of HK$118/US$15 per hour for Chinese editing and HK$138/US$18 per hour for English editing. We are happy to provide a completive time estimate upon review of your document.

Scheduling & Info Search

Scheduling : In this fast- pace business world, we can assist you to schedule and organise your business and other business events. We charge only 5% on the cost of the scheduled event.

Info Search : We can help you to search, gather and summarize information according to your instruction. We only charge HK$98/US$13 per hour or in other mutually agreed ways.

Email Management

Do you receive a lot of emails everyday? No problem, we can solve your problem. We can help you to screen all the email and answer the email according to your instruction. We offer 2 options, @HK$2.8/US$0.36 per email with reasonable length or @HK$198/US$25 up to 80 emails per day. You are welcome to sign-up a contract for a period of time and we would offer a most attractive price to you.

More importantly, we provide project based service such as advertising campaign, recruitment exercise & etc. Price negotiable. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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