Web Design Package

Consultation by e-mail or by phone with you about your Web site design per your specifications.

    Consultation Time
    Standard Package Up to 1 hour (inclusive)
    Silver Package Up to 2 hours (inclusive)
    Gold Package Up to 3 hours (inclusive)
  • The content about your organization is up to 400 words per page, as provided from you in digital format by email or disk (Extra charges for printing format, please refer to Web Typing).
  • All the images, photos, graphics, logos, etc., are provided from you in GIF or JPEG format by email or disk (Extra charges for scanning images, please refer to Additional Image)
    Total No. of scanned pictures/icons
    Standard Package Up to 12 nos.
    Silver Package Up to 25 nos.
    Gold Package Up to 32 nos.
  • Insert text for each image with up to 30 words description provided from you.
  • Specific nos. of links to other Web pages
    No. of links
    Standard Package Up to 5 nos.
    Silver Package Up to 7 nos.
    Gold Package Up to 9 nos.
  • One amended proof for the Web page production.
  • Completed meta tag script writing for search engine submission.
    No. of meta tag
    Standard Package 1 home page
    Silver Package 2 URLs (of your choice)
    Gold Package 3 URLs (of your choice)

  • Installation of your Web pages into your Web hosting company of your choice.
  • No handling fee for application of your domain name.
  • Monthly updates for one month free to keep your Web design current (Up to one hour per page). It can include any minor changes from company information, products, prices to updating, verifying, or adding additional links. New pages, content, tables, and forms are priced separately and are not included in the monthly update. .
  • Additional page is HK$328/US$42 and additional photo/icon is HK$28/US$3.6 respectively.
  • Free one-time search engine submission and offer 20% discount of our search engine submission update plan.
  • Search Engine Submission Plan @HK$298 per 10 top search engines.
  • Standard Web page design with no programming involved. All text and photos are provided by client in soft copy. The charges for other Web programming are as follows :
    Price (HK$/US$) per man hour
    Animation GIF HK$198/US$26
    CGI Script HK$248/US$32
    Java Script HK$298/US$38
    Java Applets HK$348/US$45
    Sound (e.g. Wave, Midi) HK$378/US$49
    Flash 3.0 multimedia effects (30 sec) HK$398/US$51

Special Design

  • Web Site Content Research
    The content is crucial to the success of your Web site. If you do not know what content your Web site should provide, we can offer a special Web site content-research service for your business. It will include the Web site content-analysis from your major competitors, intelligent content and strategy advice for your Web site. If you order any of our Web design package, the price is HK$218/US$28 per hour (five hours minimum).
  • Web Typing
    If you cannot provide your text in digital format, we can offer typing service for your Web site. The price for a Web page is HK$48/US$6 or if you are using our Web design service (up to 400 words per page). Volume discount may apply.
  • Scanning Service
    If you would prefer us to scan your original photographs or printed materials into GIF or JPEG format, the price is HK$28/US$3.6 per image.
  • Additional Image
    If you would like to insert additional images beyond the maximum images specified in any of our design packages, the price is HK$28/US$3.6 per image if the total storage size of the page does not exceed 40KB for homepage and 60KB for the other Web pages.
  • Web Form Design
    If you need extra Web form design for your Web site from any of our Web design package, the price will be HK$98/US$13 per Web form plus the price of any additional Web page needed.

Web Site Update & Upgrade

Web Site Update: We provide monthly updates for one month free for our Web design package clients in order to keep your Web design current. After the trial period, we offer monthly update services to our clients in a contract rate of HK$198/US$25 per hour (up to 5 hours). If extra hours are needed for monthly update of your Web site, the price is HK$228/US$29 per hour. It will include updating, verifying, adding links, changing minor or adding new information to your Web page. New pages, content, tables, and forms are priced separately and are not included in the maintenance charge.

Web Site Upgrade: We can upgrade your existing Web site to make the content up-to-date and the layout user-friendly. Improvement can make your Web site stand out among millions of similar Web sites. A good Web site signals your high-quality services and products.

A Web site can be upgraded by conducting the following tests:

  • Brower/OS/screen compatibility : This tests the effects of a Website under different browsers, such as IE and Netscape, under different operating systems, such as NT and Unix, and under different monitors (in terms of size and resolution).
  • Search engine compatibility : This tests the access to a Website from different search engines, including both active search engines (spiders) and passive search engines (through submission).
  • Download speed : This tests the download speed under different last-mile connection means: dial-up (plain telephone lines, ADSL, ISDN), coaxial connection using cable modem, and connection through LAN and Ethernet.
  • Effective link rate : This checks the percentage of links that do not work (transfer errors or empty contents).
  • Number of linked Websites : This checks how many other Websites have linked to the Website.
  • Spelling and grammar errors : This tests the number of spelling and grammar errors of the Website.
  • Style and layout : This evaluates whether the Website is beautiful and user-friendly.

Database & Search Engine

Database & Search : We develop database and customized internal search engine to make your Web site a powerful information and processing center.

Search Engine Submission : We provide one time free search engine submission to our package customer & offer 20% discount of our search engine submission update plan at HK$298/US$38 per 10 top search engines.


New to the Web and e-commerce? Have questions about Web design, Web hosting, Web upgrading, and e-commerce? You are invited to use our consulting services. Our e-commerce consulting covers how to evaluate Web sites and Internet stocks, venture capital, China and Hong Kong markets, and how to write a business plan.

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