Typing & Scanning : (....for more details) Order now

Standard Page @HK$0.07/US$0.009 cents per word (English)
@HK$0.09/US$0.012 per word (Chinese)
Page Setting Free for general setting
Special format setting @HK$18/US$2.3 per page


@HK$118/US$15 per hour
Audio Typing
(e.g. voice mail)
@HK$108/US$14 per hour (English & Chinese)
Editing &
Free for reasonable editing at first time for our clients
@HK$85/US$11 per hour at second editing


@HK$4/US$0.5 per page for black & write
@HK$8/US$1 per page for colour & photo printing
Data Entry @HK$85/US$11 per hour

Drafting & Editing
: (....for more details) Order now

Drafting @HK$168/US$22 per page within 350 words
Language Editing @HK$118/US$15 per hour for Chinese editing
@HK$138/US$18 per hour for English editing

Scheduling & Info Search : (for more details) Order now

Scheduling 5% commissions on the cost of the scheduled services
Info Search @HK$98/US$13 per hour or by other mutual agreement

Email Management : (....for more details) Order now

Email Answering &

@HK$2.8/US$0.36 per email within 350 words or
@HK$198/US$25 per day within 80 emails per day

By Project
(e.g. direct email marketing, online recruiting)




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